.Product description:

           Product Code: NE-C802S

           Warranty: 2 years

           Price: Liên hệ

           Manufacturer: Omron

           Steam Machine nasopharyngeal NE-C802 Compressor with smallest size, suitable for families with young children.


           Dimensions: 85 (W) x 43 (H) x 115 (thickness) mm

           Weight: 190 g

           gas injection rate: 0.25 ml / min (by weight loss).

           Capacity medicine cup: 10ml maximum

           Particle size: 3 micron

           Supplied Accessories


           5 pieces of filter redundant

           User manual.

           pipes suck

           Child Mask

           Adult Masks

           Other accessories



           Virtual Valve Technology to help high-efficiency steam, safety and convenience.

           Size small air particles, dust (3 micron) help going into the primary alveolar.

           Stays cool, energy efficient, easy to clean.

           Designing a small, compact, convenient to carry to travel, work.

           The steam comes included mouthpiece, nasal tube, adult mask, children's mask.