Product description:

          Product Code: NE-C801

          Warranty: 2 years

          Price: Liên hệ

          Manufacturer: Omron

          Steam Machine Omron NE-C801, nose and throat of hot air compressors, ease of use and hygiene, is the ideal product for the health care of your family


          Dimensions: 142 (W) x 72 (H) x 98 (thickness) mm

          Weight: 270 g

          gas injection rate of 0.3 ml / min (by weight loss).

          medication cup Capacity: 7ml

          Particle size: 3 micron

          Supplied Accessories


          5 pieces of filter redundant

          User manual.

          pipes suck

          Child Mask

          Adult Masks

          other accessories.



          Glasses designed drug with a unique virtual valve technology (VVT) only at Omron

          High Efficiency Steam, reduce drug wastage.

          County drops, smooth 3 micrometers to take the primary alveolar

          Machine running smoothly, no noise.

          Safe and easy to clean.

          Filters can be replaced.

          The steam comes included mouthpiece, nasal tube, adult mask, children's mask.

          Designing a small, compact, convenient for travel, work.