Product description:

       Product Code: NE-C29

       Warranty: 2 years

       Price: Liên hệ

       Manufacturer: Omron

       Steam Machine Omron NE-C29 nasopharyngeal application of Virtual Valve Technology (VVT), ease of use and hygiene, is the ideal product for the health care of your family


       Dimensions: 186 (W) x 180 (H) x 216 (thickness) mm

       Weight: 2.3 kgPhu conditions attached:

       gas injection rate of 0.4 ml / min

       medication cup size: 7 ml

       spray particle size: 5 microns

       User manual.

       The accessories


       Technologies Virtual Valve Technology (VVT)

       Safe and easy to clean.

       Steam nasopharyngeal effective.

       high speed gas injection.

       It has high durability, professional treatment effectively.