Product description:

          Product Code: NE-C28

          Warranty: 2 years

          Price: Liên hệ

          Manufacturer: Omron

          Steam Machine Omron NE-C28 nasopharyngeal line of air compressors, ease of use and hygiene, is the ideal product for the health care of your family.


          Dimensions: 158 (W) x 100 (H) x 175 (thickness) mm

          Weight: 1.9 kg

          gas injection rate of 0.4 ml / min.

          medication cup Capacity: 7ml

          Particle size: 5 micron

          Supplied Accessories


          5 pieces of filter redundant

          User manual.

          other accessories.


          Small, compact, convenient for travel, work.

          Safe and easy to clean.

          Steam nasopharyngeal effective.

          Filters can replace

          It has high durability, professional treatment effectively.