Product description:

       Product Code: NE-U22

       Warranty: 2 years

       Price: Liên hệ

       Manufacturer: Omron 

       Steam Machine Omron NE-U22 nasopharyngeal technology applications via Steam grid for high performance, is the world's lightest nebuliser. Nebuliser can be used anywhere, suitable for all ages.


       Dimensions: 38 (W) x 104 (H) × 51 (thickness) mm.

       Weight: 97 g.

-       Pin: 2 pin AA.

       Battery life: 4 hours continuous.

       gas injection rate: higher than 0.25 ml / min.

       medication cup size: 7 ml.

       Particle size: 5 microns.

       Supplied Accessories


       User manual.

       other accessories.



       grid technology for high-efficiency steam.

       Machine stormed the world's smallest and lightest

       Suitable for all ages

       Steam in any public inclination.

       Silent operation, can burst at anytime.

       You can use batteries or AC adapter.